SHLI’s first Health Equity Task Force (HETF) meeting was a success with excellent collaboration and enthusiasm amongst the members. The meeting began with a warm welcome from Daniel Dawes, JD with the Satcher Health Leadership Institute (SHLI) and our partners,  Judith A. Monroe, MD with CDC Foundation, and Douglas M. Brooks with Gilead Sciences. SHLI hosted a thorough orientation with details on the task force’s purpose alignment, member expectations, and committee descriptions.

The SHLI team hosted a thorough orientation session for the task force, complete with a detailed overview of the purpose alignment, member expectations, and committee descriptions. Following the orientation, members broke out into their committees which worked on identifying 4 priority areas to address during their time in the task force.


The mission of the Satcher Health Leadership Institute’s (SHLI) Health Equity Task Force (HETF) is to convene a multidisciplinary, multisector exchange of ideas and expertise and serve as an advisory body of subject matter experts devoted to creating innovative strategies for the elimination of health disparities and the achievement of health equity in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.


The vision for the HETF is to realize an equitable response during the COVID-19 pandemic that will elevate and improve health outcomes for all populations.


  • The overarching goal of the HETF is to develop effective strategies towards the achievement of health equity.
  •  The HETF will serve as a resource in the design, creation, implementation, and dissemination of an innovative and comprehensive health equity data platform (HEDP).
  • The HETF is committed to the use of ethical and inclusive data to inform tracker design and use.


  • Data Consortium
  • Dashboard Design Review
  • Ethics and Public Trust
  • Marketing and Communications Strategies
  • Policy and Legal Epidemiology
  • Population-Based Strategies

The HETF will meet through April 2021. Additional updates to follow.

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