Frequently Asked Questions

What is User Research?

User Research focuses on understanding user behavior, needs, and desires through observation techniques and other feedback methods. User research informs product design and development throughout the product lifecycle.

What kinds of people are you looking for?

Most of the research needs will focus on people who work to change policies in health equity. This could cover a wide range of professions and people. 

Where do I go to participate?

During the Covid-19 pandemic, all studies and activities will be done over video conferencing tools (Google Meet or Zoom). 

What will I do in these studies?

We are planning different activities. In some activities, you will meet 1:1 with a facilitator. In other activities, you might work collaboratively with other team members or others working in the field of health equity.

What is the time commitment for an activity?

Most sessions take 30-60 minutes to complete.

Will I be compensated for my time?

As a participant, you will be compensated $25 per invited activity.

How soon will you contact me?

We cannot guarantee that we will invite you to participate in a study or activity. If we do contact you, it might not be right away. We’ll do our best to contact you when a study seems aligned with your interests.

Will you send me spam or sell my information to other companies?

No! The information you provide is solely for the purpose of user research through SHLI.

I’m ready to sign up! What do I do?