Remembering Congressman John Lewis


Congressman John Robert Lewis

Today we commemorate the life of Congressman John Robert Lewis, a life-long activist, an integral member of the Civil Rights Movement, and a true embodiment of servant-leadership. From the young age of 23, Congressman Lewis led non-violent marches, including the historic Selma March of 1965, which ended in police brutality and his arrest.

Known as one of the “Big Six” leaders in the Civil Rights Movement, his unwavering stance to fight for justice in a peaceful manner led him to lead organizations such as the SNCC, ACTION, and later on to become city councilman of Atlanta, GA.

In November of 1986, Congressman John Lewis was elected to Congress and served as U.S. Representative of Georgia’s Fifth Congressional District. During his 33 years of service he continued his enduring fight for human rights and civil liberties, all while never faltering in his role as an exemplary member of Congress who lead in a conscientious manner.

The Satcher Health Leadership Institute will dearly miss the leadership, mentorship, and friends of Congressman John Lewis and is dedicated to honoring his memory through our work toward achieving a healthier, more equitable, and just future for all.

                                                                                    Daniel E. Dawes, JD and Congressman John R. Lewis

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