The Satcher Health Leadership Institute (SHLI) was established in 2006 by David Satcher, MD, PhD—physician, researcher, thought leader, and pioneer in public health. Our vision is to be a leading transformative force for global health equity.

The mission of the Satcher Health Leadership Institute is to develop a diverse group of exceptional health leaders, advance and support comprehensive health system strategies, and actively promote policies and practices that will reduce and ultimately eliminate disparities in health.

Guided by the values and principles of diversity, integrity, trustworthiness, consensus-building, prevention as a priority, and equal access to quality healthcare for all persons; SHLI has established multi-disciplinary research, innovative community based programs, and strategies for informing health policy solutions.

SHLI consists of four divisions with multi-disciplinary faculty and staff:

■ Division of Behavioral Health (Glenda Wrenn, MD, MSHP-Director)

■ Community Voices: Healthcare for the Underserved (Starla Blanks, MBA, MPH-Director)

■ Center of Excellence for Sexual Health (Carey Bayer, EdD, MEd, BSN, RN, CSE-Director)

■ Division of Health Policy (Harry Heiman, MD, MPH-Director)

SHLI houses two major centers aimed at promoting health equity:

■ Kennedy Center for Mental Health Research & Policy (Glenda Wrenn, MD, MSHP and Harry Heiman, MD, MPH – Interim Co-Directors)

Transdisciplinary Collaborative Center for Health Disparities Research (Jammie Hopkins, DrPH, MS-Director)

SHLI is dedicated to enhancing diversity in leadership for public health and medicine. Our signature health leadership development programs include:

The Smart and Secure Children Parent Leadership Program

The Health Policy Leadership Fellowship Program

The Community Health Leadership Program

Integrated Care Leadership Program

SHLI is unique because of three core concepts that are not central to other health leadership institutes.

Specifically, SHLI prioritizes approaches to contribute to the elimination of health disparities by: encouraging leadership among underrepresented minorities; works to develop replicable standards and strategies in health leadership; and promotes and fosters a diverse and inclusive health leadership network.

We are supported by a myriad of partners and collaborators which help to bolster our sustainability and success.


~ Trust ~ Transparency ~ Accountability ~ Collaboration~