Current SHLI Interns

Community Voices: Healthcare for the Underserved

Kwanza D. Boone
Research Intern, MILA Project
Primary Affiliation: MSM 2nd Year MPH Student


DeChino Duke
Peer Mentor Specialist, PATH Program
Primary Affiliation: MSM 2nd Year MPH Student

Latempestt Johnson
Case Manager, PATH Program

Tempestt Johnson is a Case Manager for Community Voices: Healthcare for the Underserved at Morehouse School of Medicine. Her position supports the activities of the PATH Program, which is designed to transform at-risk youth and increase their employability. Tempestt is a 2013 graduate of Jackson State University, where she received her Bachelor of Science degree in Professional Interdisciplinary Studies with a concentration in Elementary Education. She is currently obtaining her Master of Business Administration degree from Shorter University. Ms. Johnson is committed to helping at-risk youth make positive life choices that enable them to maximize their potential.

Jumaanah Harris


Olivia Osaji
Research Intern

Division of Behavioral Health

Juliet Muzere, DO
Resident Research Extern
Primary Affiliation: Morehouse School of Medicine, Department of Psychiatry & Behavioral Science

Division of Health Policy

Transdisciplinary Collaborative Center for Health Disparities Research (TCC)

Nandish Patel, MD, MHSA
Research Extern, TCC for Health Disparities Research (Project Thrive/Subproject 2); St. Lucia Global Health Project
Primary Affiliation: Georgia State University

Jamie Lucas
Undergraduate Intern, TCC for Health Disparities
Primary Affiliation: Spelman College- Senior

Sheena Dorvila
Research Intern, TCC for Health Disparities Research (Project Thrive/Subproject 2); St. Lucia Global Health Project
Primary Affiliation: Emory University MPH Student

Internship Overview & Opportunities:


Our internship assignments are designed in partnership with the student to ensure they have a practical public health/behavioral health experience as they assist programs and research that are focused on reducing and ultimately eliminating health disparities.


Undergraduate or graduate students, preferably enrolled in behavioral health, public health, policy studies, statistics, information technology or related fields.

Scope of Work:

A scope of work will be discussed and developed by each student in partnership with program manager and project director based on division need. Each work plan will involve assistance with project tasks as well as a leadership development component.

Time Commitment:

Internships typically last 8-10 weeks, requiring a minimum of 10 hours per week, not to exceed 20 hours in one week. Flexibility around classes, exams and holidays can be arranged.


Student internships are unpaid opportunities where student interns are invited to attend two internal leadership development sessions; volunteer at community events; assist in hands-on community-based participatory research and create a presentation of their experiences.


If interested, please contact:
Ayanna Jackson
(404) 756-8961