Community Health Leadership Program


Developing Health Leaders to Champion Health Equity

The SHLI CHLP is designed to close the gap between academic medicine or academic health centers and the communities of greatest need by connecting to people who are most affected by disparities. The goal is to develop/enhance community health leaders who are educated, motivated, and mobilized to lead community groups in changing health behavior, improving environmental health, and influencing policies to support community health. A key component of CHLP is to bring together people from diverse backgrounds and communities to work together to reduce and ultimately eliminate disparities in health among different racial, ethnic, generational, and social economic groups. Over the past four years, we have successfully trained about 130 community leaders from 25 states around the nation.

The Community Health Leadership Program Curriculum
CHLP consists of a series of workshop/seminars. These workshop/seminars are provided in a structured setting and are designed to build or enhance participant knowledge, skills, and leadership in mobilizing community groups toward changing health behaviors, improving environmental health, and influencing policies to support the establishment of healthier communities. The courses are presented in flexible, learner-centered format via classroom, Internet, audio conferencing, field-based practice, and modular social media design such as Facebook or twitter to support learning and social organization.

Program Types

Community Health Leadership Program
Non-Intensive, 12 week training program

Community Health Leadership Program
Intensive, three day (2 visits) training program

Community Health Leadership Program
Executive, 1 week training program

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