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The first Center of Excellence in Sexual Health (CESH), CESH’s work over the past 10 years has focused on the following:

National Consensus Process:

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National Advisory Council:

Health Professional Education & Parent Education:

Disabilities, Chronic Conditions, & Sexual Health:

Wounded Troops and Partners

Religion & Sexuality:

The mission of the Center of Excellence for Sexual Health (CESH) is to raise the level of national dialogue on human sexuality, sexual health, and well-being in a sustained, informed, honest, mature, and respectful way and to link that dialogue to actions that reflect scientific evidence and deeply held beliefs.

The first Center of Excellence for Sexual Health in the United States CESH seeks to strengthen public health through promotion of national public discussion of sexual health issues, provide forums and assistance to leaders of divergent viewpoints in building agreements on controversial issues of public health policy regarding sexual health, and provide education to improve the sexual health of the American people.


The four themes to guide the program development of the Center of Excellence for Sexual Health include:

  1. Bridge-Building: Bridge-building among leaders of diverse viewpoints for effective sexual health policy and services.

  2. Student Learning: Leadership in student learning regarding sexual health and its dimensions of public health.

  3. Community Education: Replicable models in health-care professions and institutions for improving nationwide public health education about sexual health.

  4. Disparity Reduction Initiatives: Services to improve equal access to national sexual health understanding and services and to reduce the disparities in health services for minority communities.


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