Building A Better ‘normal’

This insightful Op-ed, written by Daniel E. Dawes, in collaboration with Brian C. Castrucci, CEO of the de Beaumont Foundation, brings to light the need to continue to work on advancing health equity post the COVID-19 pandemic. Let us not remember 2020 as a fleeting moment in time for health and equity, rather, have it be the catalyst to systemic change in our present and future.

“Normal is merely the uninterrupted systems and policies that prop up and perpetuate inequities. And only policy can fix what policy has broken, like increasing the federal minimum wage, making investments to improve the quality and availability of affordable housing, providing incentives to improve schools, and repairing and rebuilding businesses owned by people of color in underserved communities. ” – Daniel E. Dawes and Brian C. Castrucci

Back to ‘normal’ isn’t good enough

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