Audiobook Now Available for The Political Determinants of Health!

We are excited to announce the highly anticipated release of the Political Determinants of Health AUDIOBOOK, written by Daniel E. Dawes and read by David Marantz.

According to John Hopkins University Press, “In this book, Daniel E. Dawes argues that political determinants of health create the social drivers – including poor environmental conditions, inadequate transportation, unsafe neighborhoods, and lack of healthy food options – that affect all other dynamics of health. By understanding these determinants, their origins, and their impact on the equitable distribution of opportunities and resources, we will be better equipped to develop and implement actionable solutions to close the health gap.

Dawes draws on his firsthand experience helping to shape major federal policies, including the Affordable Care Act, to describe the history of efforts to address the political determinants that have resulted in health inequities. Taking us further upstream to the underlying source of the causes of inequities, Dawes examines the political decisions that lead to our social conditions, makes the social determinants of health more accessible, and provides a playbook for how we can address them effectively.”

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