The Satcher Health Leadership Institute (SHLI) has a longstanding partnership with the Center for Leadership in Disabilities at Georgia State University (GSU). This includes our collaboration in the Georgia Leadership Education in Neurodevelopmental Disabilities (GaLEND) Program—led by GSU and funded by the Maternal Child Health Branch of the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA). We just received notification that the GaLEND program was funded for a new five-year cycle from 2016-2021.

Dr. Harry J. Heiman, Director of the Division of Health Policy, will continue to serve on the GaLEND leadership team and SHLI will continue to have a Combined Health Policy-GaLEND Fellow who will also participate in the GaLEND interdisciplinary training program at GSU. The GaLEND program prepares health leaders to serve children with developmental disabilities and their families. Health Policy-GaLEND fellows divide their time, fulfilling the requirements of both programs, with a particular emphasis at the intersection of health policy, health equity, and people living with disabilities.