Harry Heiman, MD, MPH, Director of the Division of Health Policy and Brian McGregor, PhD, Behavioral Health Disparities Researcher in the Division, both serve on the Southeastern Health Equity Council (SHEC). SHEC is one of ten regional health equity councils established in 2011 as part of the National Partnership for Action to End Health Disparities (NPA), representing stakeholders in HHS Region IV. The NPA is the first national multi-sector community- and partnership-driven effort on behalf of health equity, spearheaded by the federal Office of Minority Health. Having representation on the SHEC provides an important opportunity for SHLI to collaborate with regional and national health equity partners.


At the SHEC annual meeting, held in Louisville, Kentucky in early December 2016, Drs. Heiman and McGregor were both elected as co-chairs for council committees. Dr. Heiman now serves as co-chair for the Health Care Access Committee—focused on promoting and defending Affordable Care Act-related health equity gains as well as social and health care safety net programs, including Medicare, Medicaid, and SCHIP. Dr. McGregor serves as co-chair of the Violence as a Public Health Issue Committee, a newly formed committee focused on taking a public health approach to violence prevention. This committee will focus on upstream approaches to help prevent community level violence and strategies to reduce the negative impact of violence, including   mass incarceration, particularly among vulnerable populations.


More information about SHEC is available at http://region4.npa-rhec.org/home


Above: Sunny Slaughter (L) and Dr. Brian McGregor (R) address the SHEC Annual Planning Meeting