Vickie Green joined the Smart and Secure Children (SSC) Parent Mentoring Program as a Peer Learner in 2014. After a successful completion, she returned in 2015 as a Parent Leader, after having shed over 40 pounds!

Vickie attributed her weight loss to the SSC program! When asked about her weight loss strategies, Vickie said, “I eat my 5-A-Day,” lyrics taken from a song taught to her by her daughter, Jayla, who was enrolled at Camp Get Fit (CGF) Summer Camp by Healthy Kids & Teens. The 5-A-Day song is a Camp Get Fit teaching mechanism used to detail the minimum servings of two fruits, and three vegetables adults and children should consume daily, per USDA recommendations.

Vickie used her Smart and Secure Children training as a preventive strategy for her daughter, while it was an intervention for her as she was facing obesity and a harmful home environment.

“The program transformed my mind. After going through it, I knew I needed to make a change for myself, but most importantly for my daughter. I don’t want her to struggle with her worth or her weight like I did,” Vickie said.

Camp Get Fit staff observed as Vickie and Jayla transformed together. Staff member Amber Mitchell said, “SSC is revolutionary for parents in the same way Camp Get Fit is for their children. SSC plus CGF, it really works!”

Vickie's daughter, Jayla, at Camp Get Fit

Vickie’s daughter, Jayla, at Camp Get Fit