Dr. Kisha Holden was recently elected as the Chair-Elect of the MSM Faculty Assembly. Dr. Holden’s tenure as the Chair-Elect will go through the end of the current fiscal year and will culminate with her ascension to the role of Faculty Assembly Chairperson for Fiscal Year 2018 (July 1, 2017-June 30, 2018).

The MSM Faculty Assembly is a representative body of faculty members who are charged with understanding the needs and developing the strategies for faculty development, faculty promotion, and faculty satisfaction at MSM. The overall purpose of the Faculty Assembly is:

  • To establish a forum to promote communication within the faculty.
  • To enable faculty members to participate in the development and evaluation of acamdemic policies and make recommendations to the president and dean or APC.
  • To respond to such matters as may be referred by the president and dean or APC.
  • To initiate discussion concerning any matter pertaining to the academic life of MSM.
  • To help create, maintain and protect an academic environment conducive to the growth of scholarship, teaching, and service, and respect for human rights and dignity.

Congratulations Dr. Holden!